Biotechnology Developing Products By Using Living System And Organism

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Jun 10, 2021, 3:13 AM
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First understand what technology is?

Have you ever wondered,what is technology for us?technology is that thing which has made our life easier and developed.there are very few tasks that need to be done has made our daily tasks easy to complete and we can complete them in less have revolutionised our life completely.we can take the example of sending messages.earlier it took number of days for sending and receiving messages.with the development in technology,now the message can be sent and received within seconds.with the combination of internet and smartphones,communication is no longer a major has helped to develop the economy of the country.more advancement result in rise of more business and earning more profit.biotechnology is related to the technology and living organism which help in production of different products which will be beneficial in future.

What is biotechnology?

Biotechnology is the industry of technology driven by organisms and molecular biology is used to make health care the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals,biotechnology role is increasing rapidly.this technology is also applied in food production and production of biofuels.biotechnology is that branch of applied science that utilizes living organism and their derivatives for the production of health products.biotechnology forms an important part in economy.



The functioning of living organisms at the molecular level can be understood in the biotechnology.the disciplines of science subjects like physics,chemistry,biology are combined with has helped in increasing the human lifespan by preventing the human from dangerous diseases at some level and improving quality of life like giving healthy products,development of high yielding crops and development of green fuel which will cause less pollution.Biotechnology is the research and development using bioinformatics for exploration, extraction, and production from any living organisms and other source of biomass where high value-added products could be planned, developed, manufactured, and marketed for the purpose of sustainable operations.


Let’s have look on it’s types

The biotechnology which we know today was not like this in the earlier period of went through a number of stages to develop according to human requirement.we can observe the complexity in the biotechnology due to the development and evolution in the field of technology.this results in better understanding of various principles of life science.based on the development,biotechnology is divided into 3 categories.lets have a look at these categories.

  1. Ancient biotechnology- this was the time before the year this time,food,clothes and shelter was the most important thing.human explored the possibilities of making food near their shelter.they studied the importance of light,water and other important things required to survive.domestication of wild animals was the first step towards farming.this led to the development of methods for food preservation and storage.cold caves were used to store the food for long time.this also made way to the production of food containers like pots, leather bags,clay jars etc.after domestication,man moved towards things made from milk.examples are cheese,curd etc.cheese was the first by product of was made when milk was exposed to microbes.yeast was used to make bread.vinegar became popular and was widely used as it helped in preserving the food for longer time.


  1. Classical biotechnology- this was the second phase of biotechnology.this phase existed from 1800 to the mid 20th century.the transfer of genetic information was the core of this type of biotechnology.the contribution of each and every person led to new discoveries and advancement in technology.robert brown discovered nucleus in cell,while fredrich miescher reported a compound consisting of nucleic acid.other discoveries were like robert koch studied about the growing bacterial colonies on potato slices and walter hesse discovered agar when he asked the reason of staying the jelly solid even at high temperature of summer.Heinrich Wilhelm Gottfried Von Waldeyer-Hartz named the organized structure of DNA as this period,penicillin was discovered,which further became resource of vaccine and antibodies which saved the humas from various diseases.


  1. Modern biotechnology in this time period,various important discoveries took place.Dr. Hargobind Khorana was able to synthesize the DNA while Karl Mullis increased the value of Khorana's discovery by amplifying DNA thousand times more than the original amount of DNA.the advent of HIV enabled many discoveries of antibodies.the discoveries of medicines have various implications and applications.

The benefits that biotechnology has given to us

These three categories of development of biotechnology have provided various benefits to past few months,biotechnology has become an important part in developing the vaccine for has made us understandhow our immunity works against infectious agents.let’s have a look at these benefits.

  1. Biotechnology has encouraged the infusion of nutrients in food the nutrients necessary for the body can be infused easily.
  2. We need some kind of crops that can resist abiotic stress like drought,salinity and cold.biotechnology have helped to develop such types of crops.
  3. Strength fibres like silk are made by the use of biotechnology.  
  4. Biggest application of biotechnology is the production of helps in production of biofuels which are eco friendly in nature.
  5. Biotechnology is applied in the health industry for the production of pharmaceuticals.
  6. The use of microbial organisms for the process of fermentation is applied to convert the easily perishable food into edible food product and also increases the shelf life of the food product.
  7. For the finishing of fabrics and garments,biotechnology is widely used in the textile industry.

Biotechnology is the application of principle of engineering and the science applied on cells and the most important use of biotechnology is the development of medicines and antibiotics which will result in increasing the life span of human.biotechnology involves the study of DNA which is helpful in getting genetic information about each individual and its characteristics.biotechnology have resulted in development of technology as well as helpful in knowing the genetic characteristic of living organism. 


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