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Gourav Rana
Jun 15, 2021, 1:37 AM
  • Why pollution is harmful?
  • What can pollution cause to humans?
  • What is the most polluting thing on earth?
  • How did Pollution begin?
  • What are effects of air pollution?

Understand your surrounding

Environment includes all living and nonliving things occurring naturally. All the aspects of nature like species, weather and other natural resources that affect human survival and economic growth are included in the environment. Environment is the source of resources required for the survival of humans. Various processes like agriculture, conversion of energy, mining of coal, radiation and magnetism have one source of production and its environment. But this environment is continuously being exploited by the humans for their own benefit. They are continuously exploiting the natural resources without thinking that the environment takes even years to make the same natural resource. There is a rise of the artificial environment in contrast to the natural environment. Humans have transformed the natural landscape into urban cities and modified agricultural land. Natural environment is converted into a simplified human environment. The exploitation of these resources are leaving behind pollutants which are very harmful for mankind.


Know what harm our environment is going through

Pollution is the introduction of harmful materials in the environment. We all are equally responsible for polluting the environment. For the development of industries forests which are the main and natural resource of forests habitats are cleared which results in increasing infertility of soil and the emissions from the factories pollute the natural air which further causes various diseases to the surrounding environment. Pollution is of many types. The main forms of pollution are air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution, soil contamination, thermal and visual pollution. Air and water carry pollution. Ocean currents and migrating fish carry marine pollutants. Winds pick up radioactive material accidentally released from a nuclear reactor and scatter it in the surrounding Smoke from a factory in one country drifts into another country and causes harmful effects on the health of the environment. Pesticides are used for agriculture purposes which pollute the air and the crops. Further these crops are consumed for making food products which affects human health.



Let's have a look at the different forms of pollution.

  1. Air pollution- the contamination of air due to introduction of gaseous pollutants in the environment is called air pollution. These contaminants are so minute that they can enter the human body through air and cause serious breathing problems. This can result in the rise of lung cancer. Natural processes like volcanic eruptions cause air pollution as they eject volcanic gases in the air. These gases can change the color of the sky for months. The ash released in the eruption of volcano in Indonesia in 1883 darkened the color of the sky.a jet stream was introduced in the atmosphere of Indonesia which made the city Krakatoa's visible. Ozone layer is the shield for us and CFCs damage the ozone layer. The ozone layer protects Earth by absorbing harmful ultraviolet radiation coming from the sun. When people are exposed to more ultraviolet radiation, they can have diseases like skin cancer, eye diseases, and other illnesses.


  1. Water pollution- harmful chemicals are also introduced in the water causing water pollution. Chemicals and oils which are waste products are dumped into the seas and rivers. These chemicals are called run off. These run off results in production of cyanobacteria which further create harmful algal bloom. This prevents the living of organisms like fishes and other marine organisms. Mining and drilling are also responsible for water pollution. Acid us used separate coal from surrounding rocks. Due to this sulfur is produced which gets changed into sulfuric acid which is highly toxic for plants and other sea organisms. Sometimes even people get affected from this as people who eat seafood suffer from disease which is very harmful for their life. Garbage is another source of water pollution. The insoluble substances like plastic and food interfere in smooth swimming of sea organisms. Plastic makes the seawater toxic and decreases the life span of sea organisms. Dumping heated water also contributes to polluting the water. Power plants are mostly situated near the sea or river. The cool water from the sea is used as coolant in power plants. As soon as water absorbs the heat, the heated water is dumped into the sea. Sudden change in temperature of sea is very harmful for the marine organisms .


  1. Land pollution-the pollutants which harm the water can also harm the land as that polluted water can be used to irrigate that land and can be used for other agricultural purposes. Mining sometimes leaves the soil with harmful pollutants. Pesticides used in agriculture are sometimes blown away by fast running wind. Some parts of the pesticides settle on fruits and vegetables and get absorbed by them. Consumption of these fruits and vegetables by humans results in the rise of serious health issues like cancer. Trash is another form of land pollution as plastic, paper and glass jars do not decompose properly resulting in release of contaminants in the soil. Sometimes, landfills are not completely sealed off from the land around them due to which pollutants from the landfill leak into the earth in which they are buried. Plants grow in the contaminated earth and the herbivores that eat the plants also become contaminated. So do the predators that consume the herbivores also get contaminated. This process, where a chemical builds up in each level of the food web, is called bioaccumulation.


Try to be a shield of the environment

By going through the major types of pollution,it has become extremely necessary to save the environment and maintain the equal balance between production and consumption of natural resources.prevention practices are essential for ecosystem.let’s have a look at preventive measures:


  1. Use of an environment friendly fuel for energy is helpful in reducing pollution. 
  2. There should be reduction in use of water and chemical inputs.
  3. Less use of pesticides or cultivation of crops that are resistant to pests can be helpful in reducing pollution.
  4. Manufacturing of products should be in such a way that it produces less wastes.
  5. Implementation of practices for conservation of water and energy is helpful in preventing pollution.

Pollution prevention reduces financial costs and environmental costs of waste management. Pollution prevention protects the environment and conserves the natural resources essential for strengthening economic growth.


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