Live Broadcast

KnowEx provides the provision of going live where the creator of the channel can share his ideas and opinions related to the topic openly. He can directly connect with his subscribers and the subscribers or members of the channel can watch him discussing his channel and topic through broadcasting live. The creator can set the permission of asking queries in live conferences and limit his viewers as well.

    • After successful sign in/sign up you will navigate to the KnowEx home screen. After that, you tap on the top left KnowEx logo as shown in Fig: 1.1 listed below.
Fig 1.1
    • Tap on the live icon present on the left side of the screen as shown in Fig: 1.2 listed below.
Fig 1.2
    • You can create an event by filling in some details asked. You can set the title and description for the event and can limit your viewers as well. Some additional settings are also provided shown in Fig: 1.3 listed below.
Fig 1.3
    • Tap on the “Live” icon. This will make you go live where you can share your ideas and opinions shown in Fig: 1.4 listed below.
Fig 1.4