Ask question in chat

One to One chat offers a real-time transmission of text messages, take photos, choose video and photo from sender to receiver or vice-versa. We will be building a one-to-one messaging feature, which allows users to send private messages to each other.

How to ask question in chat?

Note:The user has the authority to ask questions from the expert. Users just need to tap on one of the names of the expert which will display the selected topic. Tapping on the topic will display the price of chat mode. Tap on the chat mode. Tapping on the additional symbol of a question will allow the user to add or ask any question.

You have successfully sign in/sign up before going to the user choose topic screen. Here are some of the steps listed below to navigate to the home screen Question in chat.

  • After successful sign in/sign up you will navigate to KnowEx home screen as shown on Fig: 1.1 listed below after that you tap on the top left KnowEx logo.
  • After tapping on the top left KnowEx logo, The new screen appears where you can choose the topic top right by tapping on the choose topic button as shown on Fig: 1.2 listed below.
Fig 1.1 Fig 1.2
  • After that you will navigate to main screen. Now click on expertise tab where you can see the expertise list as shown on Fig: 1.3 listed below.
  • Now click on hand icon as shown on Fig: 1.4 listed below.
Fig 1.3 Fig 1.4
  • After that tile will expand and you can see multiple communication type of icons as shown on Fig: 1.5 listed below.
  • Now click on text icon to send the text request to expert as shown on Fig: 1.6 listed below.
Fig 1.5 Fig 1.6
  • Now you will navigate to one to one chat screen, where the user can have chat and ask questions by tapping on ask question icon with the expert related to the selected topic as shown in screen Fig: 1.7 listed below.
  • After clicking on add question icon, you will navigate to question screen. Choose the question and select text icon as shown on Fig: 1.8 listed below.
Fig 1.7 Fig 1.8
  • After that set the price and click on request reply button this will navigate you on chat screen as shown in screen Fig: 1.9 and Fig: 1.10 listed below.
Fig 1.9 Fig 1.10