Find expertise of question

KnowEx Provide Instant Voice Call allows you to give your expertise & instant voice call to get answers to your questions. An instant voice call allows the expert to start a call immediately without scheduling or inviting participants beforehand.

How to find expertise of question?

Note: KnowEx provides full support to its users in gaining knowledge. Users can find experts related to their educational knowledge. The user just needs to select a topic and question related to it. Tap on the expert panel. The list of experts will be displayed to the user where he can select the expert.

  • After successful sign in/sign up you will navigate to KnowEx home screen after that you tap on the top left KnowEx logo as shown on Fig: 1.1 listed below.
  • After tapping a new screen appears where you can choose the topic by tapping on the choose topic button. You will navigate to choose the topic screen as shown on Fig: 1.2 listed below.
Fig 1.1 Fig 1.2
  • After you will navigate to choose the topic screen, you may tap on question tab where you can see the question list screen as shown Fig: 1.3 listed below.
Fig 1.3