Upload a question answer video

KnowEx tries its best to provide what its users want. Users can decide on different modes of giving answers to the question asked. Answering the query by uploading a video or recording a video is the most advantageous way for KnowEx users. Let's have a look at the process to upload videos.

How to upload a question answer video?

Note:Visual answers are always a great contributor to clearing the concepts of educational topics. Help other users in getting more knowledge with respect to their topics and make them understand each and every concept of their topic.You can follow a few steps to upload videos.

  • In order to upload answerable videos, the user needs to select his expertise first. This will be the expertise related to which users will upload or record answerable videos as shown in Fig: 1.1 listed below.
  • After selecting particular expertise, Users need to select the videos option where early recorded or uploaded videos will be displayed if any as shown in Fig: 1.2 listed below.
  • If the user wants to add more videos related to the topics or add a new video related to that selected topic then he needs to Tap on the tab for add-in videos shown in Fig: 1.3 listed below.
  • After tapping on the tab for adding videos, different queries will be shown related to that topic, which the user can select. Users can select maximum 5 queries as shown in Fig: 1.4 listed below.
  • After selecting the queries that the user wants to answer, the user can select two options for uploading videos. It can be either uploading video already made by the user or recording the video online as shown in fig:1.5 listed below.
  • If the user selects the create video option, the user needs to upload the video already made by him. He needs to add the title, description, and language in which the video will be uploaded as shown in Fig: 1.6 listed below.
  • If the user selects the option of recording the video online, then after selecting the record option, the user needs to first choose language, then start recording the video which will cover answers to questions you have selected as shown in Fig: 1.7 listed below.
  • User needs to answer all queries selected by him accordingly in the recording of the video. After answering the queries, users can select the final submission tab in order to upload the video successfully as shown in Fig: 1.8 listed below.